Ark Cluster

Arkcluster Shop ID's

- All dinos are 180 perfect tames = 270 And Wyverns are 228
- Global Chat Command /buy <DinoID>

- Global Chat Command /buy <ItemID> <Amount>
- Global Chat Command /sell metalingot (for a 100pts Put 5000 metal ingots in your inventory)

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Dino ID's Point Costs
achatina 300 pts
allo 400 pts
angler 400 pts
ankylo 600 pts
spider 500 pts
archa 300 pts
argent 450 pts
arthro 600 pts
baryonyx 400 pts
basilosaurus 400 pts
toad 600 pts
chalico 400 pts
turtle 600 pts
carno 400 pts
beaver 600 pts
daeodon 600 pts
dilo 300 pts
dimetro 400 pts
dimorph 300 pts
diplocaulus 300 pts
diplo 600 pts
direbear 400 pts
direwolf 450 pts
dodo 200 pts
doed 600 pts
beetle 600 pts
dunkle 600 pts
eel 600 pts
equus 500 pts
galli 500 pts
bee 300 pts
queenbee 600 pts
gigant 1800 pts
bigfoot 600 pts
griffin 700 pts
hesperornis 300 pts
hyaenodon 600 pts
ichthyornis 400 pts
iguanodon 400 pts
kairu 300 pts
kaprosuchus 400 pts
kentro 400 pts
liopleurodon 1500 pts
moth 400 pts
lystro 200 pts
mammoth 400 pts
manta 500 pts
mantis 750 pts
megalania 500 pts
stag 500 pts
mega 500 pts
megalosaurus 600 pts
megatherium 500 pts
monkey 400 pts
camelsaurus 400 pts
mosasaur 850 pts
moschops 400 pts
bat 500 pts
otter 500 pts
ovi 400 pts
sheep 500 pts
pachy 400 pts
pachyrhinosaurus 500 pts
paracer 600 pts
para 300 pts
pegomastax 200 pts
pela 400 pts
phiomia 300 pts
phoenix 5000 pts
plesiosaur 800 pts
kangaroo 400 pts
ptera 500 pts
scorpion 400 pts
purlovia 500 pts
quetz 1000 pts
raptor 500 pts
rex 700 pts
rockelemental 1000 pts
sabertooth 500 pts
sarco 500 pts
spino 700 pts
stego 500 pts
tapejara 1000 pts
terrorbird 400 pts
therizinosaurus 500 pts
spineylizard 500 pts
thylacoleo 600 pts
titanboa 600 pts
trike 400 pts
troodon 700 pts
tusoteuthis 1000 pts
vulture 500 pts
firewyvern 2000 pts
lightningwyvern 2000 pts
poisonwyvern 2000 pts
rhino 500 pts
yutyrannus 700 pts
Item ID's Description Quantity Point Costs

Please only purchase 1 to 2 items at a Time

absorbent100 100x 100pts
blackpearls100 100x 100pts
cementingpaste300 300x 100pts
charcoal200 200x 100pts
gasoline200 200x 100pts
Gunpowder100 100x 100pts
narcotic200 200x 100pts
oil300 300x 100pts
organicpolymer300 300x 100pts
Propellant100 100x 100pts
sap300 300x 100pts
silicapearls300 300x 100pts
silk300 300x 100pts
stimulant200 200x 100pts
ascmetalhatchet Ascendant Metal Hatchet 1x 500pts
ascmetalpick Ascendant Metal Pick 1x 500pts
ascmetalsickle Ascendant Metal Sickle 1x 500pts
ascwhip Ascendant Whip 1x 500pts
ascflakhelmet Ascendant Flak Helmet 1x 500pts
ascflakchestpiece Ascendant Flak Chestpiece 1x 500pts
ascflakleggings Ascendant Flak Leggings 1x 500pts
ascflakgauntlets Ascendant Flak Gauntlets 1x 500pts
ascflakboots Ascendant Flak Boots 1x 500pts
mantissaddle Mantis Saddle 1x 50pts
spinosails Spinosaurus Sail 10x 1000pts
gigaheart Giganotosaurus Heart 1x 1000pts
alphabasiliskfang Alpha Basilisk Fang 1x 1000pts
alphatusoeye Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye 1x 1000pts
transmitterplus S+ Tek Transmitter Unlocked 1x 1000pts
argentavistalon 10x 1000pts
sarcosuchusskin 10x 1000pts
sauropodvertebra 10x 1000pts
titanoboavenom 10x 1000pts
allosaurusbrain 10x 1000pts
basilosaurusblubber 10x 1000pts
tusoteuthistentacle 10x 1000pts
tyrannosaurusarm 15x 1500pts
yutyrannuslungs 10x 1000pts
megalaniatoxin 10x 1000pts
megalodontooth 10x 1000pts
spinosaurussail 10x 1000pts
therizinoclaws 10x 1000pts
thylacoleohookclaw 10x 1000pts
firetalon 20x 1000pts
lightningtalon 20x 1000pts
poisontalon 20x 1000pts
alpharaptorclaw 1x 1000pts
alphacarnotaurusarm 1x 1000pts
alphatyrannosaurtooth 1x 1000pts
alphamegalodonfin 1x 1000pts
alphamosasaurtooth 1x 1000pts
alphatusoteuthiseye 1x 1000pts
alphaleedsichthysblubber 1x 1000pts
basiliskscale 8x 1000pts
namelessvenom 20x 1000pts
reaperpheromonegland 7x 1000pts
rockdrakefeather 7x 1000pts
alphabasiliskfang 1x 1000pts
alphakarkinosclaw 1x 1000pts
alphareaperkingbarb 1x 1000pts