Ark Cluster

Cross-Ark Travel Tutorial

Step 1 > Head over to the closest Obelisk. Tutorial Image 001
Step 2 > If you dont't need to bring a dino skip to step 6 else take the saddle off and empty the inventory then click the TRANSMIT ARK DATA. Tutorial Image 002
Step 3 > Click UPLOAD CREATURE DATA Tutorial Image 003
Step 4 > Select the dino(s) you want to upload 1 by 1 then click DOWNLOAD DINO Tutorial Image 004
Step 5 > Accept Tutorial Image 005
Step 6 > Click the button in the top right hand corner TRAVEL TO ANOTHER ARK Tutorial Image 006
Step 7 > Select the map you want to go to
  • If your game crashes restart Ark and goto the map you were going to you will get to the create new character page. Click the DOWNLOAD CHARACTER button in the bottom right hand corner select your player and download.
  • If you get a buffer overflow error just log back in.